Technical questions

  • Q: Do you have a Amendment 3 kit for existing lifts?

    A: Of course. From Hydronic Lift you can order an Amendment 3 kit with our HSV valve for the uncontrolled movement at the floor, the electronic part for the control panel and all the necessary adapters to apply the valve on any kind of old, existing power unit.

    Q: Is it possible to assemble your HSV valve for Amendment 3 compliance to other power units than Hydronic Lift’s power units?

    A: Yes, Hydronic offers A3 kits that can be assembled to any kind of power unit on the market. Contact Hydronic Lift’s sales department, that will help you to find the right solution.

    Q: Do you supply the electronic control part for your HSV valve for Amendment 3 compliance?

    A: Yes, the NCUM module recognizes the uncontrolled movement according to EN 81-1:1998+A3:2009. With the NCBM module you can also energize the coils in different moments.

    Q: Is it true that the ESC power unit with inverter drive guarantees above 30 % energy saving?

    A: Yes, with the power unit ESC – “Energy Saving Concept” you reduce the hydraulic pressure losses,  you can reduce the motor power and the oil heating in the tank and you can cut down the peaks of starting current.

    Q: Is it possible to replace only the valve instead of the complete power unit?

    A: Yes. Hydronic can offer a large number of modernization kits to replace only the valve of any kind of power unit on the market.

    Q: Where can we buy spare parts for the H300 valve

    A: Please contact Hydronic Lift or buy our spare parts in the online shop

  • Q: Do you have power units with electronic valves?

    A: Hydronic Lift offers power units with the electronic valves LRV or iValve, for a major comfort and an important energy saving.

    Q: Do you have modernization kits for hydraulic lifts?

    A: Hydronic Lift can offer modernization kits for control valves, rupture valves and hand pumps and also complete power units with mechanical valve, electronic valve or inverter drive to modernize your hydraulic lifts.

    Q: Is it possible to order power units in the pit with remote control?

    A: Of course. Hydronic offers power units in the pit with a remote control for the  emergency lowering and the rupture valve release with the hand pump.

    Q: For which speed can Hydronic Lift’s oil buffer series OB, OBL, OBF and OBH be used?

    A: Hydronic Lift’s range of oil buffers can be used for lifts with speed from 1,6 m/s up to 10 m/s.

    Q: What kind of certificates have Hydronic Lift’s oil buffers?

    A: Hydronic Lift is certified according to Lift Directive 95/16/EC, Annex IX, Module H and UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. Our oil buffers are further certified with KLT for the  Korean market, with sec GB7588 for the Chinese market and with a certification for “Customs Union”of Russia, Khazakhstan and Belarus. Some models of the OB series have also been approved by DOSH of California, TSSA Ontario according to ANSI 17.1.

Commercial and administrative questions

  • Q: Can Hydronic Lift arrange international deliveries?

    A: Hydronic Lift exports around 85% of its products and can organize national and international deliveries on customer’s request.

    Q: Can you organize Express deliveries?

    A: Yes. Hydronic can organize deliveries with truck, by air and by sea all over the world.

  • Q: Can you give technical assistance on the phone?

    A: Yes, we can supply technical assistance on the phone in Italian and English.